How are you doing? I hope you and your families are well. I sure am missing my class!

Have you heard about the “parades” that some of the local neighborhood schools did, where teachers drove up and down the streets within the school boundaries and waved to their students and their families, who were out in their front yards as the procession passed? What a great way to see everyone while maintaining social distancing! I’ve been wishing so much that ALA could do something like that, but our families are so spread out that it would be virtually impossible.

I’ve been thinking a lot about that and how amazing it would be to somehow see my students, and have also been wondering how to go about getting a little project into my students’ hands them that I am making instruction videos for.

So I thought, why not just have my own 1-car class parade?!

I am so excited to do this! Tomorrow and Friday, in lieu of my weekly phone calls and if it works for you, I would like to drive by each of your homes and wave to you and your kids. While I’m there, I’ll toss them a package from my car that has this little project and a treat in it.

I’ll start at about 9 am each day, and I’m not sure how long it will take! If one day or time frame is better for you than another, please let me know, otherwise, I’ll just let you know a rough time-frame when I get it all mapped out. Then I will text each of you about 5 minutes before the drive-by. Also, please let me know if your address might be different than the one in Infinite Campus.

If Thursday or Friday isn’t going to work for you, we can work out a time on another day!

Let me know! Thank you! I can’t wait to see everyone!