It’s hard to believe that if it was a normal school year, we’d be getting ready for our last week of school. Even with the coronavirus messing things up, this has been such an amazing school year and your kids have blown me away! They are so amazing! They have learned so much and come so far.

Last week for the weekly Friday phone calls it went really well with kids just calling me if they wanted to talk and at the time that is best for you/them. So let’s do that again today. If your child would like to talk to me, they can call me any time today. If I’m on with someone else, they can leave a message¬†and I’ll call them right back. I’m looking forward to talking to them!

The official last day of “school” is next Friday, May 22, but ALA has asked that today be the last day of new assignments on Google Classroom. That little online classroom has been a fun place to connect and the kids love chatting with each other on the stream. That will continue next week and into the summer. They can continue working next week on all past assignments that they haven’t completed. Some of them have started an online math game called Prodigy where they compete against their classmates. They seem to really love it, and that will¬†continue as well.

So far, I have received 14 astronomy presentations. They are so great and they can all be viewed on Google Classroom. It’s been so fun for the kids to see each other doing their presentations. If your child has not had a chance to do theirs, all of the instructions are in an email that I sent on May 5 with the subject “Astronomy Reports.” Please send them today or Monday, and they can be viewed throughout next week. If I don’t have the permission form (attached to that May 5 email), I need that as well before I can post their presentation.

Let me know if you have any questions, and have a great weekend!