The first day of school is always my favorite day of the year. I hope I can sleep tonight with all the excitement in my brain!

I have a few last bits of information to pass on to you:

  • School starts at 8:00. Fourth grade lines up at 7:55 behind the school. Allow for a little extra time on the first day because we have a lot of new students and there will be a lot of traffic. Parents are welcome to come and see their students off on the first day. They will be asking you to exit the campus when we line up.
  • Please make sure they have a full water bottle each day. Students can bring a morning snack every day. They eat their snack when we go to morning recess at 9:40.
  • Lunch is at 12:10 and lunch recess is right after at 12:25 or when they finish their lunch.
  • Specials are after morning recess, from 9:55-10:40. We will have music on Monday, PE on Tuesday, Leadership on Wednesday, Technology on Thursday, and Art on Friday. Please be sure they wear athletic shoes every Tuesday for PE.

I just received information from Mr. Dunman about pick-up procedures, and he wants us to pass the information on to you. We will be using an app for parent pick-up this year. Here is what you need to know:

  • Whether or not your child is getting picked up, going home on a bus, riding in a carpool, walking, riding their bike, or staying at after-care, you all have been assigned a family number. If your child always walks, you may never use it. But you have all been assigned one in case you ever need it.
  • If and when you approach the carline for pick-up, you will hang your number from your rear-view mirror so that it can easily be seen from the front of your vehicle. We will be getting official tags, but until they arrive, you can make a tag by printing the attachment, or just write your number on a piece of paper and display it through your windshield.
  • If you are driving a carpool, you will need to display the family numbers for all of the children you are picking up.
  • If any of the children you are picking up are in grades K-1, you will pick ALL of them up in the front of the school. Everyone else will be directed to the driveway to the back of the school for pick-up.
  • Children will stay in classrooms when the bell rings. If your child has a younger sibling in kindergarten or 1st grade, they will be sent to those younger students’ classrooms before the bell rings so that they can walk out with them.
  • The projector will be on in each classroom and when you arrive, a staff member will enter your number into the system and their names will show up on the screen. We will then send them to either the front or the back, where staff members will help them into your vehicle.
  • If your child is walking or riding their bike, they will be dismissed from the classroom AFTER all of the children who are getting picked up leave. This will normally be at about 3:15, but for the first week, it will probably be later than that.
  • At this time, students will only be dismissed through the carline or after carline for walkers and bikers. For social distancing and security, we are not allowing parents to park and walk up to the school to pick up their children.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of those happy faces in the morning! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to start this fourth grade experience with your child! Please let me know if you have any questions.