Date Assigned: Thursday, October 27, 2016
Due Date: Friday, December 2, 2016

Your assignment is to choose a book that you would like to read and do a book report on it. It can be a book that you are reading right now or a book that you are going to read. Your written report needs to include three main sections:

Introductory paragraph

In this paragraph you should include the title of the book and the name of the author. It should also include the book’s setting (when and where the story took place) and a quick summary of what the book is about. It’s just the introduction, so you don’t need to write a lot of details yet.

Body paragraphs

This section should be made up of several paragraphs. This is where you get into the details and really let your reader know what the book is about. You should start writing about the main characters. Tell their names and what they are like. Describe their personalities. Tell what happens in the story. Pick only the important events to write about or your book report will be as long as the book! What are the characters trying to do or what problem are they trying to overcome? Where does the story reach its most interesting point? This is called the climax. What happens after the climax? You might want to just give hints about what happens at the end instead of giving it away. Make it so that everyone who reads your book report or hears your oral report will want to read your book!

Concluding paragraph

Your conclusion is a good place to give your opinion of the book. Did you like it? Would you recommend it to others? Why or why not? What are the book’s strengths? What are its weaknesses? What would you change if you were the author?

Your final report should be 3-4 handwritten or typed (double spaced) pages. If you think about everything I have told you to include, you might have a hard time keeping it under 4 pages!

Be sure to start with a rough draft. After you finish your rough draft, read through it and ask your parents, brothers, sisters, teacher, or friends to read it to help you find mistakes. Use a pen or colored pencil to cross out mistakes and rewrite them. After you have made all the corrections, write or type your final draft. Make it as neat as you can!

Your final drafts are due on November 30. You may turn them in early if you wish.

During the days after you turn in your written reports, we will do oral reports where you will get a chance to stand up in front of the class and describe your book.

There are lots of people who can help you with this. Your teacher, your parents, your brothers or sisters, and even your friends can give you lots of good advice. You guys are the best…I know you’ll do a great job. The main thing that I ask is that you do your best.

Your lucky-to-have-you teacher, Mr. Eyre