These math newsletters are designed to help parents understand how the Eureka math lessons are taught in class. Click on the topic that corresponds to the lesson that your child is working on.

The module number is in the top right corner of each Eureka Math page:

Module 1:

Topic A (Lessons 1-3)
Topic B (Lessons 4-6)
Topic C (Lessons 7-10)
Topic D (Lessons 11-13)
Topic E (Lessons 14-17)
Topic F (Lessons 18-21)

Module 2:

Topic A (Lessons 1-5)
Topic B (Lessons 6-11)
Topic C (Lessons 12-14)
Topic D (Lessons 15-17)
Topic E (Lessons 18-21)

Module 3:

Topic A (Lessons 1-3)
Topic B (Lessons 4-7)
Topic C (Lessons 8-11)
Topic D (Lessons 12-15)
Topic E (Lessons 16-18)
Topic F (Lessons 19-21)

Module 4:

Topic A (Lessons 1-4)
Topic B (Lessons 5-8)
Topic C (Lessons 9-11)
Topic D (Lessons 12-16)

Module 5:

Topic A (Lessons 1-4)
Topic B (Lessons 5-9)
Topic C (Lessons 10-13)
Topic D (Lessons 14-19)
Topic E (Lessons 20-27)
Topic F (Lessons 28-30)